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3D desktop wallpaper

3d desktop wallpaper: get choice imagery in a new dimension with ROOMS 3d desktops - get depth.

3d desktop wallpaper

ROOMS wallpaper really is three-dimensional. You get real 3d space which you can move into and icons which you can move among. Just as if you are part of a 3d game.

The view that you see on your desktop is created as you move through your desktop world. You choose what you look at. Adjust it during the day.

And when you want a change, just like conventional wallpaper, you can download new worlds from the internet or create your own. New worlds for both FreeWare and PayWare ROOMS are available as CoolWare from this Web site.

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Your original desktop is not changed and you can turn ROOMS on and off as you please.

But ROOMS gives you other benefits as well. ROOMS adds functionality to your PC background - both for Windows applications and for graphic effect.

Windows functionality is enhanced because you are able to organize your desk top with many more icons than Windows can accomodate on its own. Your icons can be located logically in your desk top world, and you can store and retrieve as many different worlds as you please according to subject or theme.

Graphics effect is enhanced because you can animate icons and animate images, and make graphical events happen in response to real world events (like time), desktop world events (like collision), or Windows events (like select).

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